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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before "Idol," his E! gig, radio show or having his TV talk show canceled, 19-year-old Ryan Seacrest flashed his best "Blue Steel" pose in a ridiculous photo shoot back in '94.

If only Lou Pearlman had gotten his hands on him before Merv Griffin

When she's not tussling with Kim K, Shanna Moakler's got a new gig –- redoing the Miss California USA pageant.

TMZ hears that Shanna could be completely revamping the professional vampfest, removing all the cheesy nonsense that usually infests these events and "maximizing" the prize package. It's all to get a Miss California to be the next Miss USA -– which hasn't happened since 1992.

Shanna, of course, was Miss USA back in 1995, competing from New York state
One would think Tori Spelling would take any paying gig she could get. Think again.

Tori has decided to back out of the new "90210" remake, reports Nikki Finke, and get this -- it's because she isn't getting paid enough. Apparently Tori was offered between $10 and $20 grand per episode, while Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth will be raking in between $35 and $50,000.
For the love of L. Ron! Tom and Katie have fans as crazazy as them.

A group of Scientolofans were yelling and screaming like a bunch of loons for Tom and Katie last night -- trying to convince the pair to come sign autographs for the sake of the surrounding neighbors.
Tween queen Selena Gomez (left) at the beach this weekend and Miley Cyrus (right) in Malibu last month.

After allegedly punching mama Panettiere in the face, Alan P. was laying low after being released from jail.

Alan Panettiere was booked on felony spousal abuse charges. From what we're hearing, alcohol was a factor in the argument that allegedly turned violent this AM.

Alan was released on $50,000 bail.